The birds of Concord West

With the help of Concord West residents – including a delightful and much-appreciated contribution from Ms. Sandra Calderon –  we are pleased to present, below, the beginnings of an ongoing project  to document the many birds that make use of and rely on the Concord West Greenspace, a vibrant but endangered natural wildlife habitat, contiguous with the Bartley Smith Greenway corridor system.  Our profound thanks go to Richmond Hill Naturalists Denise and Rod Potter, who graciously donated their time and their expertise in bird identification.

All the thumbnails on this page link are taken from the pages of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and clicking on any of the thumbnails will take you to Cornell’s  page for the  given bird, where you can get further information about the bird and listen to its calls.   Many thanks to the Cornell team for permitting us to link our list of birds to their website.

We are also actively looking to expand the Concord West Picture Galleries and if you are a bird photographer, we would be delighted to include your contributions (with full credits, of course) in our own bird picture gallery.

Et voilá!  The birds of Concord West:





3 red_tailed_hawk_glamor

Red-tailed Hawk

4 hermit_thrush_glamor

Hermit Thrush

5 american_robin_glamor

American Robin

6 mourning_dove_glamor

Mourning Dove

7 red_winged_blackbird_glamour

Red-winged Blackbird

8 common_grackle_glamor

Common Grackle

9 brown_headed_cowbird_glamor

Brown-headed Cowbird

10 american_goldfinch_glamour12

American Goldfinch

11 northern_mockingbird_glamour

Northern Mockingbird

12 northern_flicker_glamour

Yellow-shafted Flicker

13 downy_woodpecker_glamour

Downy Woodpecker

14 song_sparrow_glamour

Song Sparrow

15 white_throated_sparrow_glamor

White-throated Sparrow

16 ruby-crowned_kinglet_glamor

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

17 YRGlamor

Myrtle Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler

19 gray_catbird_glamor

Gray Catbird

20 WarblingVireo-Vyn-100514-0011

Warbling Vireo

21 black_and_white_warbler_glamor

Black and White Warbler

22 black_capped_chickadee_glamour


23 northern_cardinal_glamour


24 canada_goose_glamour1

Canada Goose

25 european_starling_glamour1


26 nashvi

Nashville Warbler

27 wood_thrush_glamor

Wood Thrush

28 blue_jay_glamour


Cedar Waxwing4

Cedar Waxwing

30 dark_eyed_junco_glamor1

Dark-eyed Junco

31 common_nighthawk_glamor_phillipsimmons

Common Nighthawk

32 hairy_woodpecker_glamor

Hairy Woodpecker

33 red_breasted_nuthatch_glamour1

Red-breasted Nuthatch

34 white_breasted_nuthatch_glamour1

White-breasted Nuthatch

35 ring_billed_gull_glamor

Ring-billed Gull

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird

37 great_blue_heron_glamor

Great Blue Heron

38 green_heron_glamor

Green Heron

American Woodcock

American Woodcock

40 turkey_vulture_glamor

Turkey Vulture

41 rose_breasted_grosbeak_glamor_guy_lichter

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

42 baltimore_oriole_glamor

Baltimore Oriole

43 indigo_bunting_glamor

Indigo Bunting

44 great_horned_owl_arlene_koziol_glamor

Great Horned Owl

45 eastern_towhee_glamor

Eastern Towhee

46 pine-siskin---glamor

Pine Siskin

47 yellow_throated_vireo

Yellow-Throated Vireo

48 coopers_hawk_glamor1

Cooper’s Hawk

49 ruby_throated_hummingbird_glamor

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

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