Curbing abuses of power

The city of Vaughan has received a lot of media coverage dealing with power abuses and other offenses by our elected representatives at City Hall.  To avoid a repetition of this in the future:

1.  If  elected, will you support a law that no contributions from Corporations should be accepted by elected or candidates for any municipal office?  The only contributions that should be accepted are personal contributions from local residents.

2. The City of Vaughan has more signs on the street than all the rest of metropolitan Toronto together.  If you are elected, will you support a law that allows signs only on private properties?

3.  We understand that a disclosure report must be submitted for electoral expense.  If elected, will you support a motion that all money not spent on that election will be turned over to the City?  This will encourage a fairer field for new candidates and stop waste such as lavish parties and fund-raisers and the mountain of garbage produced by signs littering our streets and blocking the view at intersections.

4.  If elected, will you support a limit of time for elected officials similar to the USA?  Say, 2 or 3 terms?

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2 Responses to Curbing abuses of power

  1. 1. I support that.
    2. Absolutely support that. I feel election signs are a safety hazard.
    3.All funds in surplus are handed to city clerk by filing date, no funds may be used after Dec.31 unless an extension has been granted to pay off a deficit. This is law.
    4. I believe 3 terms should be a maximum. If you cannot do the job effectively, you get voted out. Incumbents love elections because it splits the challengers, and they get in. I hope that theory does not hold true, or I wouldn’t be running.

  2. Krystof Klabouch says:

    1. I support
    2. I don’t have a single sign up, but maybe some like the candidates who told them they’ll make vaughan green and then litter the city with their signs.
    3. I thought all remaining funds now must be submitted to the city? If not, yes, I support.
    4. No, I do not support a limitatioon terms, even though it would get rid of the bad apples we have now, but it might force out a good apple in the future.

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