Noise of the CN rails

In the recent decades, the screeching noise produced by cooling and heating the rails on the CN yards has increased dramatically. As it goes on during the night, it has become not just a constant nuisance, but a stress with potentially negative health and ecological impacts. An immediate minimization of this problem could be brought about by enclosing the current CN yard with acoustic-absorbent walls.

If you are elected or re-elected, will you commit to undertake a study of the best solutions to minimize the constant grinding and screeching noise coming from the CN rail yard, and then commit to implement these solutions before you come up
for re-election?

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2 Responses to Noise of the CN rails

  1. Erecting a sound barrier is likely a cost effective solution, a study would be unnecessary, of course the trains make noise. Trees on either side of the barrier can also dampen the noise. I would recommend the wall with tree plantings.

  2. Krystof Klabouch says:

    If you are complaining about “NIGHT” noise, a simple fix would be like at the airport, “noise abatement,” rules and procedures, I will not approve a 1 billion dollar “survey” to figure out how to resolve a simple problem.

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