Other unsafe pedestrian crossings

One of our questions addressed the traffic-light problems at the intersection of Keele Street with Highway 7. Similar traffic-light problems for pedestrians arise at other intersections, in particular the accident-prone intersections of Highway 7 with Baldwin Road and with Centre Street. It is noteworthy that the alternative plan proposed by the community for the location of the GO/Metrolinx traffic hub includes the construction of a skyway over highway 7, at Centre Street, which could equally be used as a safe pedestrian crossover.

Will you commit to extending the pedestrian crossing times at these two intersections, even if only temporarily until properly sheltered pedestrian bays can be introduced or skyway passages built?

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2 Responses to Other unsafe pedestrian crossings

  1. Pedestrian safety is my paramount reason for running. I believe light timers are too short, but education on the cross button use is necessary. It may not seem like it helps, but they do add time to the signal. Granted on a large crossing like 7 and Keele, that alone may not be enough. The Dufferin Road model between Steeles and Centre is how all large regional roads should be, with a large pedestrian friendly median to allow 2-stage crossing if the light changes while doing so. We do not need more pedestrians struck by vehicles, we need safer crossings. I will commit to extend cross times.

  2. Krystof Klabouch says:

    No skyway passages will be created. I will be extending the time of all crossings in a unique way to eliminate congestion and create bike lanes for all….

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