Blanding’s Turtle Links and References

The Ontario Provincial Policy Statement, 2005:

Full text:

2.0 Wise Use and Management of Resources
Ontario’s long-term prosperity, environmental health, and social well-being depend on protecting natural heritage, water, agricultural, mineral and cultural heritage and archaeological resources for their economic, environmental and social benefits.
Accordingly: [More…]


The Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme:

Turtles Species Guide:

“The Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme provides teachers, students and community groups with information resources and educational opportunities to conserve, restore and create wetland habitats.”


Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – Blanding’s Turtle brochure:

“Unlike most Ontario turtles that have wide, flatter shells, the Blanding’s Turtle has a domed shell that resembles an army helmet. Its shell is black to brown with yellow flecks and streaks and can reach 27 centimetres long. Its head and limbs are black-grey and the bottom shell is rich yellow…”


COSEWIC Assessment on the Blanding’s Turtle, 2005

“Suitable basking sites must be present where the turtle can remove itself from the
water and gain access to direct sunlight. These basking sites can be partially submerged
logs, rocks, bog mats, or suitable shoreline. Blanding’s Turtles may also bask in open
areas while travelling over land through upland wooded areas…”


Ontario Turtle Tally brochure (scanned from a copy provided by Brennan Caverhill)

With pictures of the various turtle species found in Ontario, and information on their status.

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