The intersection of Keele and Highway 7

The intersection of Keele Street with Highway 7 is a notorious stranglepoint for
vehicular traffic, with dangerous pedestrian crossings that give insufficient time
for even a young person to cross the intersection. The right-turn lane going north
on Keele is frequently blocked by buses stopped at the bus stop south of the
intersection, and by vehicles intent on going straight along Keele Street past the
intersection. Attempts to correct this situation are often met with the intransigent
position that these problems will be corrected when the megaplan for the City of
Vaughan is approved and implemented. However, most of the problems hindering
vehicular circulation are classical errors that town-planners and urbanists resolved
long ago. For example, a simple solution to the bottling observed on the
Keele/Highway 7 intersection is to (1) use City land to open a fifth lane dedicated
solely to the righ-hand turn some 150 yards before the intersection, and (2) move
the bus stop (which accommodates 2 distinct bus lines) to two bay lanes placed
also on City land, respectively some 50m north and 50m east of the intersection.
The solution should be accompanied by the lengthening of the crossing times for
pedestrians, or the creation of pedestrian shelters at the extremities of the dividers.

If you are elected, will you commit to pursue the above suggested
solution for this particular intersection, or other solutions that can be implemented
immediately, as one of your first priorities?

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2 Responses to The intersection of Keele and Highway 7

  1. As a design draftsman for over 25 years and a commuter by transit and car for over 20, I completely agree with moving the bus stop from the corners, and improving the intersection with dedicated right turn lanes. I’ve seen how congested that intersection can be, even with two left turn lanes headed east. Advance lights should always be double left, and never prioritize one direction over the other. Paint marked arcs for left turns need to be identified to prevent drifting which is a major cause of collisions. Advance lights are for vehicles, not a head-start for pedestrians, that is another safety matter that needs to be educated.

  2. Krystof Klabouch says:

    No, I do not support poorly planned and devised ideas… I have seen how the most efficient cities operate….

    I will be creating a plan that eliminates ALL traffic congestion, allows for better public transit, allows for bike lanes and for more efficient pedestrian crossings…

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