Wilkinson to Concord West: “Drop dead”

Documents from February-March 2011, in which the Hon. John Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment, does not pay a single serious consideration to the Concord West objection to the EPR, the requests from Vaughan Councillors for an extension of the objection period, or the the Vaughan Council’s resolution of February 15th; the Minister simply permits the MTO to proceed with the 407 Transitway project:

1 Response to Wilkinson to Concord West: “Drop dead”

  1. Gretna Maggiacomo says:


    I just received an email notice outlining all the ways I can GREEN in Vaughan, well, perhaps, you should all find the irony in this, in other words, don’t tell me to compost my kitchen scraps & collect rain water in a barrel, etc when my whole neighbourhood is under threat by the ill-proposed train station that will decimate our only bit of natural green space, the Bartley Smith Greenway. Doesn’t anyone on council remember Joni Mitchell’s famous lyrics “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” ? Please, let us combine forces and win this struggle & keep the heart in Vaughan!!!

    Respectfully, a nature-loving resident, Gretna Maggiacomo

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