Which candidates support us?

Which of the candidates running for office in the Vaughan Municipal election on October 25th have committed to support our cause shared with the Glen Shields community – the transfer of the Concord West greenspace from the ORC to the TRCA, and the determined opposition of the community to any plans of destroying this greenspace by incorporating it into a public-transit station? Find out from the table below! And then read the letters of support to see what the candidates promise to do.

As of October 20th, 2010. This page will be updated whenever new information is received. Any corrections welcome!

Candidate Verbal support? Written support?
For Local Council, Ward 4:
Elliott Frankl Yes No
Sandra Yeung Racco Yes YES
Mary Ruffolo Yes YES
Styles Q. Weinberg Yes YES
For Regional Council:
Joanna Cacciola-Lionti Yes YES
Robert Craig Yes No
Domenic De Luca No No
Michael Di Biase Yes YES
Mario Di Nardo Yes YES
Mario Ferri Yes Yes*
Joyce Frustaglio Yes YES
John Ross Harvey Yes YES
Krystof Klabouch No No
Carrie Liddy No No
Richard T. Lorello Yes No
Gino Rosati Yes YES
Deb Schulte Yes YES
For Mayor:
Maurizio Bevilacqua No YES
Paul Donofrio Yes YES
Linda D. Jackson Yes YES
Tony Lombardi Yes No
Tony Lorini Yes YES
David Natale Yes YES
Mario G. Racco Yes YES
Savino Quatela No No

[*] Electronic copy of letter not received

1 Response to Which candidates support us?

  1. I Paul Donofrio fully support the community of Concord West

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