Other Questions to the Candidates

We have gathered together some questions from the Concord West community to the candidates for the Vaughan 2010 municipal elections. A few of those questions were asked at the all-candidates meeting at Fontana Gardens on September 28, but were not answered satisfactorily due to lack of time. Each link below opens to a separate page dedicated to the given question. We invite and encourage all candidates to answer or discuss each question using the Comments feature on its dedicated page. We also invite and encourage residents of the Concord West community to send us (as comments below, or by email – see the Contact page) any additional questions they would like to see included.

Non-transparency and corruption

PrivateĀ consultants

Curbing power abuses

Breaches of building bylaws

The intersection of Keele and Highway 7

Other unsafe pedestrian crossings

Noise of the CN rails

Vaughan’s lack of identity

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