Vaughan’s lack of identity

We are tired of not having an identity.  Unlike Mississauga….we are all
identified with different postal districts.  However, there are grey areas in
Vaughan and we in Concord are a prime example.

Our postal district is Concord.  However, we are listed in the Bell telephone
books as Thornhill and we belong to the city of Vaughan.  When is Vaughan going
to go forward as a city and insist that we are the City of Vaughan instead of
the confusion that presently exists?

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2 Responses to Vaughan’s lack of identity

  1. All cities have neighbourhoods, redefining the boundaries as Vaughan has over past two or three elections is problematic as it relabels neighbourhoods. I reside in Woodbridge (Vellore), have a Maple phone number, but live in Vaughan. People at Woodbridge Ave. would disagree with Rutherford as being Woodbridge. Yes, we are Vaughan, but we are also entitled to claim our neighbourhoods as home, like Thornhill Woods, Dufferin Hill etc. I do not believe this pattern will ever change. We may be Vaughan, but the answer from any resident will likely identify the neighbourhood.
    On Google and other map sites, I live south of Purpleville, I’ve yet to meet someone claiming they live in Purpleville.

  2. Krystof Klabouch says:

    This is created by peoples prejudice, you can go to MOT and tell them where you live, I have a “woodbridge licence,” my wife has a “Vaughan Licence.”

    Similar to residents of “scarborough” and “toronto.”

    Also you state that mississauga doesn’t have this “crisis,” can you please go to Port Credit and ask to see peoples licences, I’m sure they say port credit, a quick google, list several bussiness in “port credit” which is in mississauga.

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