Breaches of building bylaws

The City of Vaughan has bylaws with respect to grading and water management
in all phases of development. Yet, once the buildings, and in our case, the homes
have passed inspection and the grading deposits have been released, the City
washes its hands of its obligation pertaining to any and all breaches of the grading
and water management requirements under the approved building permit issued
by the City of Vaughan. Because of such breaches many of our neighbours are
left with yards that have been flooded because a neighbour decided illegally to
raise his or her grades and/or bury catch basins – to name only two specific
violations of the bylaws and the approved Building Permit drawings. The City’s
response to date, to this ongoing problem, is a standard phrase: this is a private
matter and the homeowner affected should take legal action against the

Will you promise to reinstate the City directives that will order the City
bureaucracy to live up to its obligations in this regard and objectively enforce the
rules that the building permit was issued under, instead of throwing neighbour against

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2 Responses to Breaches of building bylaws

  1. The city needs to respond to complaints, and act on them. Forcing neighbours to battle in court is creating a neighbourhood not worth living in. The city must enforce its bylaws, and they can only do that if the infractions are seen or reported. Taxes pay for city staff, they shouldn’t be charging for requests to have staff identify a problem.

  2. Krystof Klabouch says:

    Look around the city, we have a sign by-law and every other corner has signs that are not in compliance.

    I understand for the concern but without any man power($$$) to enforce the plan as you suggest it is pure lip service to suggest or say one would support the notion. But if you want that token thumbs up, “yes I’d support your plan for reinstating the city directives.”

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