Thank you. Your letter has been sent.

Your letter has been sent to Premier McGuinty and members of the Ontario Legislature. Please accept our thanks for your support.

4 Responses to Thank you. Your letter has been sent.

  1. Timothy Crooks says:

    We need to build our infrastructure more densely in order to preserve our remaining green spaces. The Ministry should follow its own guidelines and objectives to build more densely and preserve the area known as Concord West.

  2. Richard Beaty says:

    Keep the rich out of the commons, where man and nature could exist harmoniously together. Infrastructure should not intrude on the tranquility of a natural habitat suited to endangered species.

  3. Sandy says:

    Nature is so precious to life; why destroy it intentionally? Ashphalt, concrete or smog will never replace the life generated by our God given natural environment.

  4. Premier McGuinty should act immediately to protect this land. It is a critical component of a regional Greenway linking across the GTA.

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