Please help our fight by emailing the Ontario Government!

Dear Friends of the Concord West Greenspace and the Bartley Smith Greenway,

Once again, in this ongoing fight to save the Concord West Greenspace, we must urgently ask for your help, as we launch yet another email campaign, this time directed to Premier McGuinty and the Ontario Legislature.   On March 22nd and 24th, MPP Peter Shurman read in Parliament a petition (bearing 1229 signatures) appealing to the Ontario government to order the immediate transfer of the title of our greenspace from the Ontario Realty Corporation to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. This transfer would allow the Concord West residents to protect this land, which is ecologically part of the Bartley-Smith Greenway natural heritage system, and implement for its preservation the responsible stewardship solutions for which they have been pressing during a 16-year campaign.  It is in garnering support for this petition from members of the Legislature that we need your help.  

With the invaluable help of our friends the Richmond Hill Naturalists, we have set up an email interface at

You can either send the form letter you’ll find there, or compose your own message to the Province.  It will only take a few minutes and, if enough of you will take the time to send your message in, it just may make the critical difference.

The email interface will automatically sign your letter with the name and address you provide at the bottom of the form.  Please don’t hesitate to add a title, or job title, to your name.  The Province should know we come from all walks of life, but still have a common determination to preserve our rapidly vanishing greenways.

When the letter is sent successfully through the interface, your browser will change to a “Thank you” page.  If this does not happen, look for error messages at the bottom of the email form.  And if there are none, simply press the “Send” button again.

Please share our urgent appeal for support – through email, web or social media – with all your friends and contacts who are concerned with the continuing loss and fragmentation of our natural heritage lands and degradation of our threatened river systems, endorsed on all levels of government.  We have also created a downloadable leaflet soliciting participation in this campaign; the leaflet is intended to be printed and distributed or displayed, and we would be delighted if you can make use of it.   This may be our last chance to try to save, not only the land itself, which is a natural component of the Bartley-Smith Greenway, but the many living things – some belonging to endangered species – that make their homes there, rely on this greenspace for their survival, or make use of it as a critical staging area for their migrations.

Updates on our battle to Save Concord West may be found at –

Today it is Concord West, but tomorrow it may well be that ravine or greenway you have come to love – and assume will always be there – which may covertly become doomed to disappear at the stroke of some distant planner’s pen.  And with the sham procedures for “public input”, it is likely you will never learn of it until it is well underway and thousands of tax dollars have been spent.  And existing legislation will allow you, and your community, nothing more than a few brief minutes, in an otherworldly municipal or regional council, to publicly (and politely) ‘vent’ your anger.  Is this acceptable to you?  If it is not, then please help us bring forward a strong message that it is not acceptable to destroy communities at the stroke of a pen, while effectively muzzling them through labyrinthic bureaucratic protocols, accessible only through impossibly vigilant monitoring of obscure governmental/P3 channels in the new development game, which its new illuminati know only too well how to use to dispose of our natural heritage areas and their struggling wildlife populations.  To make matters worse, disposing of them is called ‘responsible planning’ and ‘sustainable development’, as if they were so many irksome mounds of garbage on the road to “progress”.  These ever more slick and ‘smart’ marketing slogans have proved to be effective tools for garnering votes, stifling opposition and pushing development agendas forward; but the reality, on the ground, in our communities, is just plain wanton destruction.  A hub can be relocated.  A greenway that has been left for generations as a relatively undisturbed critical remnant of natural habitat, can not.

11 Responses to Please help our fight by emailing the Ontario Government!

  1. Rose Erbay says:

    We need to preserve our natural and cultural heritage lands. Heritage is not only about the preservation of the past or the protection of natural resources. Heritage is the most important means of relationships between people, the land and its core questions of what is valued, for whom and by whom. Vaughan`s Bartley Smith Greenway and Concord West Greenspace is my heritage and will be my generation’s heritage.

  2. Dilys Tyrrell says:

    The greenspaces that remain close to the city are precious, not just to the wildlife and ecosystems that they protect but also to the people who need places that they can retreat to away from their busy lives. If we keep paving and building over these areas we will live in a concrete jungle and we will no longer have nature in our lives. We need to look for creative solutions which will spare our most sensitive natural areas and yet still allow for progress.

  3. Rt. Hon. Premier McGuinty,
    When we elect our representatives we hope that they will conduct themselves using three basic fundamental beliefs.

    Right from Wrong
    Good Not Bad
    Governing by Common Sense

    Saving the Bartley Smith Greenway is the RIGHT action to take.

    Preserving our natural habitat wherever and whenever we can is a GOOD thing.

    Listening to constituents is definitely governing by COMMON SENSE.

    Styles Q. Weinberg

  4. Peter Moller says:

    The area surrounding Toronto is fast becoming urbanized with prime land being lost to development on a daily basis. This must stop. We must preserve our natural environment. We cannot continue to forever expand the area we occupy and leave no space for the natural world.

  5. Leslie says:

    This is a disgrace. What little bits of greenspace we have left is almost all gone. ENOUGH already building Big Box stores and Homes.

  6. Liz Del Signore says:

    In the last year I have been brought to tears several times over the loss of so many trees in Concord, Maple and Woodbridge. The birds are returning to find no home nesting grounds left. What are they to do? People will kill them when they find them nesting in vents and crevices around homes. What is the GTA municipality thinking? More property taxes to collect when all the trees are gone. And, the message they are sending us, to hell with the song birds, falcons, etc; and governments can’t tax greenbelts.

  7. Roxanne Spence says:

    Premier McGuinty, think about how you feel when you reach that one green haven (where ever that may be), where all the troubles and pressures of the day are forgotten… think of how you would feel if someone took that away. This space is important to this neighbourbood, do the right thing and relocate the proposed hub to the North of Hwy 7….it’s a win win situation.

  8. Natalie says:

    Please support our democratic process with proper diligence, balancing the human issues, the larger vision of our region, the interests of nature and wildlife, the heritage built by our hard-working ancestors, and our quality of life, which includes a right to a greenspace such as other neighbourhoods claim. Our community is already overburdened by the surrounding industry and traffic. This attack on the last remaining natural habitat is a final blow and attack on our life here.

  9. Josephine Mastrodicasa says:

    This last piece of “green space” in our community is the only remaining green space left in our precious neighbourhood. This green space must be protected and preserved so that our residents can continue to enjoy this little paradise amidst factories, highways, railroad and much pollution. By protecting this space, better known as our little paradise, we will be preserving our heritage for our children and providing them with the ability to experience natures beauty firsthand.

    Mr. Premier, I urge you to investigate this matter and put a stop to this poorly planned concept and relocate the hub on the North side of Highway No. 7 where the proposal will fulfill all the requirements and will not destroy this precious green space.

  10. Vince P Garisto Postal Technician says:

    We have so little green space now. Enough is enough.
    Don’t shove this down our throats – where is our Democracy?

  11. Joe Agg says:

    We cannot continue to develop the few natural spaces we have left. We are not only exterminating the wildlife but threatening mankind as well.

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