November 29, 2011: Concord West on Dr. Gila Martow’s Community show

On November 29, 2011, Josephine Mastrodicasa, president of the CWRA, Theresa Panezutti, vice-president of the CWRA, and Dr. Paulo Correa, Chair of the CWRAHC, were interviewed by Dr. Gila Martow on her AllTalkTV show Gila’s Community.  The first part of the program focused on catch-basins and the long-standing problems of flooding, in Concord West and other communities, resulting from post-inspection grading modifications on private properties.  The second part focused on the planned Concord intermodal transportation hub and the harmful ecological and cultural consequences of the placement currently proposed for it by the Ministry of Transportation, as opposed to the advantageous alternative placement proposed by the Concord West community.

Warm thanks go to Dr. Martow and her crew for creating a stimulating, lively and unconstrained setting for discussing the issues affecting the life of our community.

To the November 29 program
To Gila’s Community
About Dr. Gila Martow

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