Uninhabitat: between intensification and sprawl

Perhaps the worst damage caused by intensification is the replacement of social communities by concentrations of atomized individuals who can easily be duped by government and corporate interests, since they fail to perceive nearly all common threats to their livelihood, health and security. This is the paradigm operative in St. Jamestown, built in the 1960’s – Canada’s most densely populated community, where crime rates soar; and now, the St. Jamestown paradigm is back in fashion in the form of intensification. At the same time, urban sprawl has been tremendously destructive of the natural environment. Permitting ourselves to be caught between these two paradigms is ultimately a suicidal course. Canada (and the world) has a desperate need for intelligent strategies, policies and actions to moderate development – by a better control of immigration, by placing limits on both intensification and sprawl, by protecting existing communities and fostering the growth of communities, not anthills.

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