September 7-14, 2011: Concord West protests in the streets against plans to destroy greenspace

In early September, in advance of the All-Candidates Meeting for the upcoming Provincial Elections, Concord West residents staged daily protests against the plans by the McGuinty government to destroy the Concord West heritage greenspace and its wildlife inhabitants.  The protests took place on weekdays during rush-hour traffic, at the major traffic intersections around the community.  The protesters, many of whom were seniors, displayed large signs to passing cars and distributed informational cards as cars stopped at the trafic lights.  Our great thanks go to Styles Weinberg and his company, Styles Q Corporate Imaging, for all the support we received from them in this action, including the creation of the signs and the cards.

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3 Responses to September 7-14, 2011: Concord West protests in the streets against plans to destroy greenspace

  1. Leo Pappas says:

    We will not stand for this!!!!
    Save Concord West!!!!

  2. Alex says:

    The liberals have sweet-talked Ontarians into believing they are the friends of community and environment. Nothing could be further from facts – as the liberal machine serves the interests of international planner and developer companies, many of them financed by oil profits from undemocratic countries. To the credit of Peter Shurman he has been a stalwart defender of the Concord West community and the protection of the Bartley-Smith Greenway/Upper Don. One can only wish other conservatives would follow suit. To conserve should mean to conserve communities and the natural environment. Just as ‘sustainability’ should mean, not high-density development, or imaginary job creation within localities, but energy and environmental sustainability – ie independence from oil, coal, nuclear or nonrenewable resources.

  3. Because McGinty is a FIBeral, sorry had to say it. The truth may hurt but it is the truth

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