April 8, 2011: “Talk to the hand!”, says McGuinty

In early April, 2011, Dr. Correa received from Premier McGuinty a response (dated April 8th) to the community’s request, dated March 2, for an audience with the Premier.  The Premier’s letter is worthy of extensive quoting, as it is both brief and exemplary, in its callous disregard of the constructive desires of our community – and the desires also of thousands of Ontarians, as was demonstrated by the signatures on our Queens Park petition.  Here is the letter:

Dear Dr. Correa and Colleagues:

Your MPP, Peter Shurman, has forwarded your letter and enclosures […] regarding […]  your request to meet.  Your association’s views are important to me, and I appreciate your sharing your valued feedback.

As the issue you raised would best be addressed by my colleague the Honorable Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Transportation, I have asked that she respond to you directly.

Thank you again for writing.  My colleagues and I will continue our work to make Ontario the best it can be for present and future generations.

Dalton McGuinty

Note that the community’s original request for an audience with McGuinty amply explained why “we have no one left to turn to but you”, and in particular why there was no point in turning to the Minister of Transportation.

On April 15th, the Presidents of the three CW residents’ associations acknowledged, on behalf of the community, the above communication from McGuinty with a thank-you letter which also stated:  “We look forward to having this issue be best addressed by the Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Transportation, and look forward to meeting with her directly.”  However, no response or follow-up was ever received from Minister Wynne.  One can only marvel at the arrogance of this government, at its disrespect and disregard for the constituencies that have brought it to power and entrusted it with the safeguarding of their well-being.

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