March 2, 2011: Request for audience with Premier McGuinty

On March 2, 2011, representatives of the Concord West community submitted to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty a letter – signed by all the directors of the CW Ratepayers Association, all the directors of the CW Seniors Club, and all the directors of the CW Ad Hoc Committe (19 signatures in all) – requesting that the Premier grant an audience to the Presidents of the three organizations.  The audience was requested, the letter explained, “so that we can propose to you a solution to a very serious problem raised by the current planning of the 407 Transitway – a solution that would be of mutual benefit to the Province, our community, and your government.  … We try to address ourselves to you directly, since we reason that no one else will take our case to Cabinet other than, hopefully, you.”  The letter elaborated:

We do not expect your Minister of Transportation to take up our case in Cabinet, as she would have to go against the (wrong, in our view) conclusions of her own ministerial team headed by Mr. Minnes.  And likewise we do not expect your Minister of the Environment to take up our case, as we just found out that on February 28th he approved the 407 Transitway EPR, to which the community had filed an objection.  But since, on February 15th, 2011, the Vaughan City Council unanimously passed a resolution requesting from the Province a proper assessment (which the MTO did not carry out) of the Alternative Plan put forth by the Concord West community and spearheaded by the Seniors Club, we have no one left to turn to but you.

The letter was delivered to the Premier through the intermediacy of Thornhill MPP Peter Shurman, who has shown himself to be a staunch and loyal supporter of the Concord West community’s struggle for the protection of its greenspace and its way of life.

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