February 28, 2011: Ministry of the Environment steamrolls over the CW environment

On March 2nd, while Dr. Correa was delivering a deputation to the York Region Planning and Economic Development Committee, he was suddenly informed that the points he was making have become moot, since York Region Council has just been made aware that Minister of the Environment John Wilkinson has given the Ministry of Transportation a go-ahead to proceed with the 407 Transitway project – steamrolling at top speed over all the objections from Concord West and the Vaughan Council, and paying no heed to the fate of the Concord West community (which he blithely declared to be of “no provincial importance“).  A few days later, Dr. Correa, too, received a letter from Min. Wilkinson, and replied to it on March 9th.

And talking about deputations: it might bemuse you to know that community representatives giving deputations in York Region Council are permitted to speak only for 5 minutes and only at the very beginning of a session – before they even find out what and how is going to be discussed.   Except for those initial deputations, there is no mechanism permitting members of the community to react or respond to any of the proceedings.

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