February 27, 2011: Fundraising luncheon to save our greenspace

On Sunday, February 27, the Concord West Seniors Club organized a luncheon to raise funds for our struggle to preserve the CW Greenspace.  Many thanks to everyone  (there were so many of you!) who worked so very hard to make this event happen: to those who organized it, to those who sold tickets, to those who prepared the room so beautifully, to those who cooked and put together the astonishing banquet array of appetizers, main courses, breads, fruits, pastries, teas and coffee; to those who served the luncheon, provided the music and worked very hard on the very big cleanup afterwards.  It was amazing!

Many thanks as well to all the diners who expressed their support for the protection of the greenspace by purchasing tickets and putting aside their time for this very special community event.

We’re delighted to say that since we had such an excellent turnout for this all-homemade series of gastronomical delights,  we’re encouraged to offer a follow-up event. Tickets for this feast amongst friends are only $25.00.  If you’d like to be included, you can let us know by using the comment box below (we won’t actually publish your request as a comment, but the request will go to us and we will add your name to those to be invited); or you can  simply let any of the Seniors’ Club directors know you would like to attend. We’ll let you know the date and how to purchase tickets.   We hope to see you there!

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