December 2010: The Delcan/IBI evaluation

On December 8, 2010, Dr. Paulo Correa received from Mr. Robb Minnes, Project Manager at MTO, a letter containing the results of the evaluation by Delcan/IBI, a consulting firm retained by MTO, of four alternative proposals for the 407 Transitway Station. One of the four evaluated proposals (labelled “the Red Alternative”) incorporated certain elements of the proposal submitted by the Concord West residents, in that it located the Metrolix/GO platform north of Highway 7. In other respects, the Red Alternative deviated from the Concord West proposal – for example, in the Red Alternative the rapid bus transitway did not parallel Highway 407 (as it does in the CW proposal), and the parking lot for the station was located south (rather than north) of Highway 7, on land which at present is privately owned by Angelo’s Garden Center. The bottom line of Mr. Minnes’ letter was that the Red Alternative has been rejected by the consultants, in favor of the option labelled “the Black Alternative”, which was nearly identical in every respect to the plan that the MTO originally proposed and the Concord West residents unanimously rejected.

On December 10, Dr. Paulo Correa sent an extensive response to Mr. Minnes letter, expressing a regret that the “analysis” outlined therein proved to be nothing more than a justification of the original Design Concept proposed by MTO’s private consultants and entirely rejected by the Concord West community. Dr. Correa pointed out that Delcan in fact did not perform an evaluation of the community’s Alternative Plan for the transit hub, since the so-called “Red Alternative” severely misrepresented this plan. He detailed the distortions and failures of Delcan’s so-called “evaluation”, restating the community’s actual couter-proposal in its undistorted form and comparing its features with those of the “Black Alternative” favored by MTO’s consultants. The analysis of the two proposals makes it evident that the community’s Alternative Plan has significant advantages over the “Black Alternative”, in that it:

  • preserves the integrity of the Concord West community
  • preserves the local ecosystem
  • complies with the rights and aspirations of the Concord West community and adjoining communities
  • complies with the desire of the TRCA to acquire the ORC greenland
  • does not interfere with the West Don River flood plains
  • better serves the Concord Go Centre and commerce and industry located on the north side of Highway 7
  • fully complies with the GO/Metrolinx objectives
  • minimizes walking distances between stations and Park-and-ride or PPUDO
  • proposes acceptable distances between GO and Metrolinx platforms
  • does not require mitigation of noise and visual effects
  • does not place idling cars and Diesel buses near the Bartley Smith Greenway or near the Concord West residential community.

You can read the full text of Mr. Minnes’ letter here, and the full text of Dr. Correa’s response here.

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1 Response to December 2010: The Delcan/IBI evaluation

  1. Victoria Pollock says:

    Thank you for your continuing hard work as you go up against these powerful forces to preserve Concord West for all of us in Toronto and for future generations!

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