In conclusion, the Concord West community hereby formally submits to the OMT, in response to the Notice of Commencement of Transit Project Assessment Process published in the Thornhill Liberal on August 26, 2010, its alternative plan to the current OMT-proposed Concept Design for the 407 Transitway traffic hub.  The community hereby requests that (1) the merits of its alternative plan be technically assessed in all of its relevant aspects (social, environmental, etc); (2) that a comprehensive environmental study of the overall area in question be conducted and released to the public as soon as possible; and (3) because of the extensive list of existing grievances (e.g. loss of access to greenspaces, potential loss of the ORC greenland, etc.) and of grave concerns regarding the proposed Concept Design, as voiced herein by the community, that the OMT team working on the 407 Transitway Project be directed to find a solution for the traffic hub that does not locate it on the south side of Highway 7, nor makes it adjacent to the Concord West community.

The community further requests the OMT to release the ORC greenland under petition, so that the OMI may dispose of it by transferring its ownership to the TRCA, and also requests the OMI to provide for the design and construction of the proposed tunnel that will give to Concord West residents safe access to greenspaces lying to the east of the community.  Thereby, the community will be very grateful to OMT and its planning team.

Acknowledgements.  The Concord West community wishes to thank Project Manager R. Minnes and his OMT team for having been forthcoming with all the information requested by the community, and for open dialogue with the community.

Respectfully submitted, and to the best of our knowledge, on September 27, 2010, by

Josephine Mastrodicasa
President of the Concord West Seniors Club

Teresa Panezutti
Vice-President of the Concord West Seniors Club
Director of the Concord West Ratepayers Association

Rose DiMarco
Acting President of the Concord West Ratepayers Association

Dr. Paulo Correa
Chair of the Concord West Residents Ad Hoc Committee

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