2.4. Request to Premier McGuinty

2.4. The Concord West community requests Premier Dalton McGuinty to intervene and provide the effective conditions for (1) technical assessment of the alternative plan and (2) mutual dialogue between the community and the OMT.

As the alternative plan proposed by the community calls for the location of the traffic hub in part on the Concord Floral lands, the community also sought to relieve its alternative plan from being hostage to a “fait accompli”, given that the said Concord Floral lands, encompassing both parcels A and B, are currently bundled together in a single for-sale offer (see Figure 11).  Regarding the application for high density re-zoning of the said lands, others have commented to the Vaughan Council that even though the proposed plan for the Concord Floral lands describes this area as the “Concord GO Centre”, there is no GO station to be located within this property.  This is stated in the concerns of the IBI Group (see Figure 12), on June 7, 2010, as a respondent to Vaughan Council.  The Vaughan Council Meeting Minutes of the next day also lists the decision on the location of said GO station as “tbd”, “to be determined”.

Since (1) the OMT team reassured the community at the September 14 meeting that the alternative proposal for the location of the traffic hub would be considered by the OMT for its technical merit and feasibility; and (2) since the standing OMI position regarding the transfer to the TRCA of the said ORC greenland is dependent upon the technical recommendations of the OMT, the community sought protection from a higher decision-making instance. Thus, on September 22, 2010, the community requested Premier Dalton McGuinty to intervene by temporarily suspending the sale of the ORC-owned Parcel B of the Concord Floral property north of Highway 7, so that sufficient opportunity and time will be allowed (1) for the OMT to properly assess and analyze the alternative plan submitted by the Concord West Community, and (2) for the ongoing negotiation between the community and the OMT to come to fruition.

Hopefully the Premier will intervene, as requested, to undo the complex of domino dependencies that have placed what should be the greenspace of the Concord West community as hostage to a 407 Transitway megaplan, and made this depend in turn upon the undisclosed plans of the City of Vaughan for the Concord Floral lands, and ultimately placed the fate of the ORC greenland under petition as hostage to the sale of parcel B of the said Concord Floral lands.  It is time for the interests and desires of communities to be placed before the designs of developers, planners and government officials, especially when these are obscure and result in urban and transportation solutions that harm both the social fabric of these communities and the natural environment that we should all treasure.

Presently, the community is also preparing a meeting with City planners and councillors, to discuss the entire nexus of problems connected with the City’s plans for the entire area and the community’s opposition to the existing Design Concept for a 407 Transitway hub, and to present the community’s alternative plan described in this submission.

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