2.2. Merits of community’s plan

2.2. The evident merits of the alternative plan proposed by the Concord West community

It is evident that the alternative plan proposed by the community does not require the construction of a road running south from Highway 7 to feed the facilities of a GO station.  Nor does it call for the public purchase or expropriation of private lands on the south side of Highway 7.  Above all, it frees the ORC greenland for its petitioned transfer to the TRCA, thus providing the Concord West community at last with (1) its greenspace, (2) safe access to this greenspace and to the Bartley Smith Greenway/Langstaff Ecopark, and (3) effective protection for the local ecology of the ORC greenland and for its continuity with the ecology of the Bartley Smith Greenway/Langstaff Ecopark.

The proposed alternative plan locates the GO station where it should be, on the Concord Floral property where, in the past, the Concord train station was located. This is in agreement with OPA#660 (see Figure 7), and entirely avoids the destruction of the natural environment of the ORC greenland under petition. According to OPA#660, the location of the GO station should occur within 400 meters north or south of Highway 7.

Unlike the Concept Design currently proposed by the OMT, the alternative plan is also in agreement with the publicly stated objectives of the 407 Transitway, and we quote: “to minimize adverse effects on the natural environment and minimize adverse effects on the social environment” (see Figure 8).

The alternative plan also locates the traffic hub, and in particular the GO station, where it is most convenient for commercial and industrial businesses, which are situated north of Highway 7, rather than locating it on top of a quiet residential neighborhood, where it will destroy the neighborhood’s social, cultural and environmental fabric. Though unspoken, it is apparent that the OMT proposed location of the traffic hub south of Highway 7 benefits only the sale value of the present Concord Floral lands, being of no benefit either to its future purchasers and builders of the anticipated Concord Corporate GO Centre, or to the Concord West or Glen Shields communities.  A GO station can easily be built into the Corporate Centre, especially since the Concord Floral lands are the subject of a re-zoning application to permit high density occupation on what is to this day agricultural land.

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