1.8. Sept 14, 2010 meeting

1.8. The September 14, 2010, meeting of the Concord West Residents Ad Hoc Committee with the relevant Provincial and Metro officials

In attendance at the September 14, 2010, meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee were: George Ivanoff, Senior Environmental Planner for the OMT; Gustavo Garron, Principal and Senior Project Manager at Delcan, a private consulting firm hired by the OMT; Dale Albers, Chief Communications Officer at York Region Rapid Transit; Mike Fenning for the TRCA; and Noah Ng for Peter Shurman’s Office. No officials from Metrolinx, the Regional Muncipality of York, or the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure attended. Nor did Minister Chiarelli respond to the community’s letter of August 25, 2010.

The meeting was judged productive by all the parties involved.  The details of the presentation of the alternative plan will be discussed in the next section, since they form the body of the present submission. From the interventions of George Ivanoff, the community learned that the OMT took the proposed alternative plan seriously, and was promised by the OMT that the latter would assess with due diligence the technical, social and ecological merits of the alternative plan. Senior Planner Ivanoff also made clear that the decision of the OMI (in charge of the ORC jurisdiction) depended entirely upon the assessment made by the team headed by Project Manager Minnes. Senior Planner Ivanoff also informed the community and the TRCA that an environmental assessment was being conducted with respect to the entire area lying south of Highway 7, between the Concord West community and the Don River.

Repeated calls by Concord West seniors to Ms. Nicole Mills handling Minister Chiarelli’s schedule ultimately resulted in a phone call (September 15, the day after the scheduled meeting) between Mr. Bruce Singbush (Director of Real Estate Policy at the OMI) and Dr. Paulo Correa (for the Ad Hoc Committee) which confirmed that the OMI position and response to the community’s request for the transfer to the TRCA of the said ORC greenland is dependent on the recommendations made by the OMT following their assessment of the community’s alternative plan.

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