1.7. CW community response

1.7. Constructive response of the community to the Design Concept planned by the OMT: unanimous approval of an alternative plan for the location of the traffic hub contemplated by the 407 Transitway Project

Cognizant at last of the plan intended for the occupation of these lands on the south side of Highway 7, the Concord West community justifiably felt betrayed by its local and regional councillors, the Vaughan mayors, and City, Metro and Provincial officials and planners (leaving aside mention of private planners) involved in the 407 Transitway Project. Publication of the Design Concept for the traffic hub in a few select newspapers and one obscure pdf online was deemed by the officials involved to be sufficient effort to inform the Concord West and Glen Shields communities. A 2007 mass-mailing reported to have involved 17,000 notices inexplicably failed to reach a single resident of the Concord West community.

However, being resilient and resourceful, and armed with a constructive spirit, the Concord West community set about to think through an alternative concept for the 407 Transitway traffic hub that would leave the ORC greenland under petition free for its rightful transfer to the TRCA. A Concord West Residents Ad Hoc Committee, comprising the Concord West Seniors Club and the Concord West Ratepayers Association, as well as other concerned residents, was formed to study this possibility with the help of a hired private town-planner who is also a specialist in environmental studies.  Effectively, the community set about doing what, to begin with, should have been the job of the responsible public entities and the private consultants they hire. As a result, an alternative plan for the traffic hub was generated that effectively freed the ORC greenland under petition, so that it may be transferred to the TRCA as per the original request to Minister Duguid. The alternative plan for the traffic hub was unanimously approved in a General Meeting of the Concord West community, on August 24, 2010.  At the same meeting, the community also called for a meeting (on September 14, 2010) of the Ad Hoc Committee with the relevant Provincial and Metro officials, in order to present to the latter the alternative solution to the projected traffic hub. The Concord West community also unanimously approved a letter to be sent to the new Ontario Minister of Infrastructure, R. Chiarelli, that reiterated the request to transfer to the TRCA the ORC greenland under petition, and invited Minister Chiarelli or his mandated representative to attend the September 14, 2010, meeting with the Ad Hoc Committee.  Also invited were R. Minnes for the OMT, the Metrolinx President, the Chairman and CEO of the Regional Municipality of York B. Fisch, the Chief Administrative officer of the TRCA B. Denney, and MPP Peter Shurman.

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