1.5. Petition to OMEI

1.5. The petition to OMEI Minister B. Duguid requesting implementation of the solution proposed by the Concord West Seniors Club

The Concord West Seniors Club then decided to take the initiative. It ran a petition, signed by virtually all households in the Concord West community and many households in the Glen Shields community, requesting the then Ontario Minister of Energy and Infrastructure B. Duguid to implement the two-fold solution: transfer the ORC greenland to the TRCA and build an access tunnel under the existing railway bordering the community to the East. The petition was sent to Minister Duguid on June 9, 2010. It was accompanied by 15 pages of attachments documenting the efforts made over 15 years by the community to have their access to greenspaces restored.  No response would be forthcoming from Minister Duguid.

The request/petition sent to Minister Duguid was copied to the Chair of the TRCA, and its hand-delivery was reported by local Rogers Cable News.

The response from the Chief Administrative Officer of the TRCA (see Figure 2), dated July 7, 2010, stated that “the subject property falls under the TRCA’s master plan for acquisition for the Don River watershed”.    The letter further stated that the TRCA supported the community’s request.

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